Salary & Benefits

Payment of salary and benefits in Ehsan Group is based on the salary and remuneration system of the Company and a part of the

personnel’s salary will be related to their performance.

Sports Competitions

A sports competition is held in the head office and other sites of the Company on a quarterly basis and the selected participants will

be honored in these competitions.


Personnel’s Family Support

The personnel’s families and their comfort and peace are very important to us. Supplying food packages for the personnel’s families, honoring the exemplary student children, granting education allowances, supplying and offering gifts for Children’s Day, holding training courses for the personnel’s families at mining sites, paying a part of the supplementary insurance premium of the personnel’s families (spouse, children and parents), and taking measures so that the work is not transferred to the personnel’s rest times at home are among the plans of this Group for caring and supporting the personnel’s families.


Organizational Cell Phone

An organizational SIM card and cell phone are provided to the supervision personnel and higher ranks and also for the personnel who make calls repeatedly due to the type of their job.


Supplementary Insurance

The supplementary medical insurance has been considered for the personnel and their families as a welfare benefit further to the Social Security medical insurance



Some events are planned and held in the presence of the senior manager of the organization at the end of the year, at the beginning of the New Year and on the personnel’s birthday.

Easy Access to Urban Transportation

Easy access to urban transportation in the crowded city of Tehran can be an organizational advantage and a criterion for choosing an organization. A distance of less than 50 m to Mirdamad Subway Station and easy access to downtown and administrative and commercial hubs have facilitated the personnel’s commute to the Company.


Promotion of Culture & Art

Gifting books or book coupons to the personnel, holding book reading sessions, photography and book reading competitions and paying attention to

the traditions that have their roots in our national culture are among the programs of the organization for paying attention to this area.