- Are the students employed in the Company?

If they are in the process of defending their thesis and their course classes are finished, there is a possibility for employment.


- Is there a possibility for part-time work?

There is a possibility for employment of part-time personnel in some positions as decided by the Organization.


- Approximately how long after the interview will I be informed about the result of the interview?

Maximum one week. If the result is positive, you will be invited for the next interview or next stages. Otherwise, cancellation of the employment process will be announced to you via email or by SMS.


- If the employment is cancelled in a part of the recruitment process for any reason, will the resume be held in the Company’s database and is there a possibility for its review for other positions?

Yes, it is possible.


- How are the employment applicants assessed in Ehsan Group?

1. Telephone Interview;

2. Behavioral Interview;

3. Personality Tests (if required);

4. Technical Interview;

5. Interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors (if required);


- Is it possible to send the resume via email?

Yes. You can send your resume via email to hr@ehsan-group.com. Make sure to write your specialized field in the subject. Otherwise, your message will be moved to the spam folder.


- What are the documents required for employment?

1. A copy of all pages of your birth certificate;

2. A copy of your spouse’s birth certificate;

3. A copy of your children’s birth certificates;

4. A copy of your national ID card;

5. A copy of your spouse’s national ID card;

6. A copy of your military service completion card (for men);

7. A copy of your latest educational degree;

8. A copy of your training certificates;

9. 4 pieces of photo for pre-employment medical tests;

10. A copy of your insurance records.


- In which district of Tehran is the workplace located?

Recruitment in Ehsan Group takes place both in Tehran and other provinces. However, the head office is located in Mirdamad Blvd. Other provinces include Markazi, Kordestan, Gilan and Mazandaran provinces.


- If the selected person fails to answer the phone call for invitation to the interview, will his/her employment process be cancelled?

No. If the selected fails to answer, he/she will be informed and called again and an organizational SMS will be sent to him/her.


- What are the work hours of the Company?

The work hours in Ehsan Group are 8:00 to 16:30 on Saturdays to Wednesdays and 8:00 to 12:00 on Thursdays