Buildings & Workspace


- The head offices of the Group have provided suitable facilities and conditions for the personnel’s presence. The workspace has

been designed in the open office form so that the conditions are facilitated for communications and interactions among the

personnel and between the managers and personnel while providing international standards for design of workspaces. Supply of

the facilities required for holding sports competitions such as table football, darts, chess, and table tennis assists us in reaching this


 The work sites of the organization are equipped with office spaces for the personnel. In order to improve the personnel’s health and help the increase of organizational exhilaration, volleyball courts and football

pitches have been considered. Also, adequate facilities have been provided for table tennis and table football.


In Ehsan Group, other than the official and regular monthly meetings which are held between the managers and senior manager of

the Organization and also between the managers and personnel of the unit, non-official meetings are also held for hearing the

personnel’s opinions in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Observation of Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Requirements

Ehsan Group observes the health, safety and environmental requirements and works towards prevention from occupational diseases

and protection of the personnel’s health in line with protecting and improving the personnel’s health and creating a safe work environment.